Traditional style hammer and sickle.

Symbol of Red Judaism that never worked.

History of the Red Star of DavidEdit

170px-Hammer and sickle.svg

The yellow on red version became a Soviet symbol that was also placed on the flag.

The hammer and sickle were used to represent work which modern day Communists have never heard of before due to their lack of knowledge and energy. Communism has killed millions and has recently begun to disguise itself as socialism.


Current usage of degeneracyEdit

200px-Kerala communist tableaux

A tableau in a communist rally in Kerala, India showing two workers forming the hammer and sickle.

Today, it is used to show a symbol of Anti-capitalism despite the user using things made by Capitalism to express their anti-capitalist feelings.


In Unicode, the "hammer and sickle" symbol is U+262D (卐).


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