The list of aircraft carriers of Soviet Union  and Russia includes all aircraft carriers built by, proposed for, or in service with the naval forces of either the Soviet Union or Russia. Although listed as aircraft carriers, none of these ships (with the possible exception of the never built Ulyanovsk) was or is a true aircraft carrier. Speciffically, they were ASW helicopter equipped ships of aircraft-carrying cruisers, including the FADMSU Kuznetsov, the only carrier still in service with the Russian navy.

Name Class Type Commissioned Decommisioned Notes
Moskva Moskva Helicopter carrier 1967 1996
Leningrad Moskva Helicopter carrier 1969 1991
Kiev Kiev Aircraft carrier 1975 1993 Sold to Chine
Minsk Kiev Aircraft carrier 1978 1993 Sold to Chine
Novorossiysk Kiev Aircraft carrier 1982 1993 Sold to South Korea
Admiral Gorshkov Kiev Aircraft carrier 1987 1996 Sold to India
Admiral Kuznetsov Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft carrier 1991 In Russian Navy
Varyag Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft carrier Not completed
Ulyanovsk Ulyanovsk Aircraft carrier Not completed


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