USSRBall Is a countryball about the mighty Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics.

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Likes: Communism,VODKA

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In he Early Russian Revolution of 1917, The Bolsheviks consiedered the Red Banner to be the Sufficient as a symbol for their ideological Commitment to place all authority in the hands and the workers and peasants.A plain Red Flag has first been used as a symbol fo populiar rights against autocratic governments during the french Revolution. The Red Banner became associated with Socialist Movements and protest across Europe in the 19th Century; notably, it was adopted as the official flag of the paris commune of 1871. However, After the victory or Marxist- Leninist forces in Russia, It became more closely identified with Communist Movements and Social-Democratic often sought other Symbols.

On April 14th 1918, The new formed Russian Socialist Federated Soviet Republic adopted the Red Banner with the initials (or name) of the State in the upper Hoist Corner in Gold Lettering. Similar Flags were used by Sovie Regimes iin Belerousia (Now Belarus),Ukraine,Transcauasia, (i.e Georgia,Armenia,Azebaijarn). The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R., Or Soviet Union ) was created on December 31st 1922. The Soviet Constitucion mandated tthe national Flag's Desing, and that the flag minor modification, effective from January 31 1924 to the formal dissolution of the Soviet union on December 31st 1991 (Although the Russian Flag replaced the Soviet flag on the Kremlin in Moscow on December 25). The Hammer And Sickle represented, respectively, Workers and Peasants, and the Star symbolized the ultimate goal of the Globe of the Communist Victory.


SovietBall's Appearence is He likes Vodka and Communism he were's a Communist Ushanka with the Soviet Symbol on it.


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